Monday, March 22, 2010

Apartment Troll progress

I'm all excited. She's starting to come together. She's got clothes, and hair, and jewellery, and a basic light setup, and some simple phong and anisitropic shaders on her, and everything. There's still some smallish details to add in like a couple hair doo-dads and her battle skirt still needs to look like it got mauled by a bedazzler. Other than that she's just about ready for UVs. I'll probably fidget with her clothing colours some more, but her skin, hair and eye colours will stay relatively the same with only minor tweaking.

On to the picture overload! Renders with smoothing turned on:

Screencaps of meshflow with Smoothing turned off, although it looks like I deleted a couple smooth nodes when blowing away history. Those will be fixed later this week.

That's a super shiny phong on her. For some reason the surface shader I used on her was showing up striped in my viewport.

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