Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cleans and Sketches Now and Then

So I totally found a pink glitter gel pen in my jar of miscellaneous pens on Monday which also happened to be a fantastically mild day. Ever since I've been drawing cute girls in swimsuits with the glitter pen which unfortunately died while I was waiting for lagtacular extra geometry to load into my scene files at my internship today.

Long story short I got a couple doodles I want to clean out of it and one rough that I kind of liked.

I've also been cleaning up some of my sketches in ToonBoom. They're both self portraits since I don't draw myself very often and wanted a new drawing self portrait for avatar purposes. The first came out of drawing people I used to know in high school as background characters for No Pants are Tied to My Heart and the second came out of taking that face shape and making it look a little more like I do now.


Also I totally had the chelsea with blond bangs and purple fuzzy bits at least two years before Yu-Gi-Oh came out. Just for the record.

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